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Montcalm County Jail, Michigan, Locating an Inmate, Montcalm County Sheriff’s Department 

Montcalm county jail is a medium-security detainment facility found at 649 North State Street, Stanton, MI, 48888. The prison’s operations, including detaining preliminary and sentenced prisoners, are controlled by the office of the Montcalm County sheriff.   

The jail opened its doors in March 2002 as a 119-bed state-of-the-art corrections facility. To incorporate superior corrections technology and raise the bed capacity, the facility was renovated a year later, adding 52 new beds to make the capacity 181.   

The second renovation exercise was officially completed in 2006, raising the bed capacity to 205. The officials running the jail include 4 sergeants and 18 full-time corrections officers. 

The jail is committed to providing high-quality care and support services to inmates while ensuring community security. Willing inmates can engage in restoration and treatment programs such as instructive projects and substance misuse programs. Inmates have access to three dietician-approved meals per day under strict administration.  

Inmate Search  

If you are looking for information about a specific inmate in Montcalm County, you can obtain that information by contacting the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office directly. The Sheriff’s Office can provide you with information about an inmate’s booking status, charges, bail amount, and other details.

Information on an inmate’s court date/status can be found by calling 989-831-7592.  This is an automated system and is updated based on the court actions.  If you call and are not hearing updated information/court dates you may wish to call back after 3:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday)   

Jail Officers also will not know court/hearing status until after 3:00 p.m.

It’s important to note that the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office takes the privacy and security of their inmates seriously, and may require you to provide certain information before releasing any details about an inmate. This may include the inmate’s full name, date of birth, and booking number.

Sex Offender Registration (SOR) may report for verification and address changes Monday – Thursday between the hours of 9:00 A.M. – 11:30 A.M. and 1:30 P.M. – 3:30 P.M.  

Sending Money to an Inmate 

Money for inmate accounts will not be accepted at the front desk. Persons wanting to deposit money for inmate accounts have the following options:

The Kiosk machine that is located in the jail’s main lobby.   

Money orders ONLY can be sent through the mail to 649 N. State Street, Stanton, MI 48888.  The inmates full name and/or inmate number must accompany these mailings. 

Prisoners in this facility have the right to buy basic items from the prison’s canteen. You can finance such activities by depositing money to the prisoner’s commissary account through: 

In the prison’s main lobby, at the Kiosk machine, using credit/debit cards or cash 

Paying online using credit cards via the Express Account platform 

Depositing money directly via 866-422-6833 using your credit card 

Sending money orders to 649 N State Street Stanton, MI 48888 

When sending money to an inmate, indicate their inmate number or full name. The maximum amount you can send to an inmate in this facility is $25 per week. 


Montcalm County jail only permits video visitations online on IC solutions or via the jail-provided tablet at the jail lobby. Schedule visits at least 16 hours before the visit; otherwise, you may never get the pass to attend such a visit. You must be at the jail and check in for the onsite video visitation 10 minutes before the visitation time.  

The onsite video visits are limited to two twenty-minute visits per week. As for offsite visits, you can schedule as many as you want every week, but the number of visitors must not exceed four. The cost of offsite visits is $7.00 for a 20-minute video call.


Use the below format when sending mail to your incarcerated friend or family:
Inmate Name
649 N State Street
Stanton, MI 48888

Mails are checked before distribution to inmates, so sending inappropriate content is strongly advised against. The only items the jail accepts as mails are: 

  • Money orders signed by the purchaser and dedicated to the inmate 
  • Paper photos not bigger than 4 by 6 inches 
  • Newspapers, softcover books, and magazines sent from the publisher directly 

Phone Calls 

Inmates can call outsiders every day from 7.00 am to 11.30 pm. You can call ICSolutions at 888-506-8407 to inquire about inmate phone calls. However, it’s good to note that the facility does not accept phone calls from outsiders unless they’re reporting medical emergencies and death cases.

Work Release Information 

Inmates that are “Work Release Authorized” upon sentencing from 64B District Court or 8th Circuit Court  MUST complete a Work Release Application and submit it to the program coordinator for consideration prior to having their work release approved.  

PLEASE NOTE: To be considered for work release, your Court Sentencing Order MUST state “Work Release Authorized” AND you must meet the Montcalm County Jail work release program guidelines to be eligible.   

APPROVAL MAY TAKE SEVERAL DAYS AND IS NOT GUARANTEED! Applications should be completed and returned to the Montcalm County Jail prior to incarceration. If approved, this will expedite the process resulting in a minimum amount of lost work days. Once incarcerated, approved work release candidates must pay their first week of work release and room & board prior to going out for work. A deposit of $115.50 must be made in the inmate’s account. You may download a copy of the Work Release Application using the link below. 


Montcalm County Jail

649 N. State St.                                 
Stanton, MI 48888                 

Phone Numbers:    

Inmate Information: 989-831-7592

Jail Administration: 989-831-7592

Jail FAX 989-831-7431                                                

Montcalm County Sheriff’s Department 

Under the leadership of Sheriff Mike Williams, the Sheriff’s department executes patrol and security reinforcement duties in 20 townships covering 720 square miles. Working closely with the Deputy Sheriff’s office and law enforcement agencies, Sheriff Mike Williams presides over traffic crash investigations, criminal investigations, patrol duties, quelling disturbances, and traffic enforcement.  

Correctional officers working under the Sheriff’s office maintain law and order in the 205-bed capacity jail. The Sheriff’s office is at 659 N State Street, Stanton, MI 48888, and can be reached via 989-831-7590 or 989-831-7590.

Montcalm County Sheriff’s department keeps records of all sex offenders under the Michigan State Police. Every convicted sex offender must provide details of their residences and verify such data four times a year with the local police, Sheriff’s office, or State police. Sex offenders must adhere to all reporting and behavioral regulations to avoid harsher penalties.

Probation orders are passed by the probate court office, located inside the Court Complex at north Stanton on M66. The probation court office workers share the same parking lot with workers in the Montcalm county jail and sheriff’s office. Probation forms take time, and you may be forced to wait for more if your paperwork is not in order. Allow a wait time of around 15 to 20 minutes for the documents to be processed.  

Security at the Court Complex is top-notch, and you must pass all security tests to gain entry. Your belongings will be thoroughly searched, and your body checked for the presence of metals. 

The Court probation department’s duties include monitoring behaviors of adult felony and high-court misdemeanor offenders placed on community supervision and conducting pre-sentence investigation reports. The department has trained field agents who conduct in-depth investigations and prepare pre-sentence investigation reports to help the court pass judgments. The information is often a comprehensive report detailing information about the offender’s substance abuse history, family history, and criminal history. 

Additionally, the Court probation department supervises all offenders on community service, including paroles released to a term of parole after completing their minimum sentence years. The goal of providing professional supervision services for parolees and probations is to maximize public safety and guarantee offender wellbeing. Offenders serving probation or parole must pay all fines, restitution, costs to the county, and supervision fee to the Michigan state. 

The Court probation department also must provide supervision services to offenders placed in a Specialty Court probation term. The most referred Specialty Court programs are: 

  • Mid-Michigan Regional Sobriety Court (MMRSC) is a program specially created to help offenders addicted to alcohol. 
  • Adult Recovery Court (ARC), a program specially created to help inmates with substance use disorders 
  • Mid-Michigan Regional Mental Health Court, a program for helping offenders with mental health problems. 
  • Swift and Sure Sanction Probation Program (SSSPP) a program suited for high-risk inmates serving probation instead of a prison sentence. 

Contact numbers: 

Sheriff Main 989-831-7590 or 616-225-7590 

Sheriff Detective Bureau: 989-831-7590 extension 7516                   

Sheriff Road Patrol Commander: 989-831-7589 

Sheriff FAX: 989-831-7420 

Jail: 989-831-7592  

Jail FAX: 989-831-7431 

To report a crime or need law enforcement assistance contact the Montcalm County Central Dispatch:  989-831-3500 or 616-225-3500. EMERGENCY CALLS DIAL 9-1-1.