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To assist the Judge in supervising defendant's after conviction. Probation prepares pre-sentence reports to provide the Judge with a variety of information and recommendations prior to sentencing. Probation supervises a convicted defendant's compliance with court orders, such as counseling, jail, community service, education, fine payment, and restitution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an oversight appointment?
A: "Oversight" is the term used to describe a probation appointment.

Q: What is a show cause hearing?
A: A show cause is the opportunity to explain to the Judge why you are not doing as ordered.

Q: Can we arrest you for a probation violation?
A: No, the probationer must be "cited" into court for a show cause hearing or probation violation. We cannot violate on an anonymous phone call. We can violate if the person calling wishes to come in and testify to what they have actually seen. A violation hearing only needs to be proven 51%, not by overwhelming evidence or proof that would be needed in a criminal trial.

Q: What is the minimum age of our probationers?
A: To be placed on probation through the District Court you must have reached your 17th birthday at the time the crime was committed.

Q: How long can someone be placed on District Court Probation?
A: Usually two (2) years is the maximum, but there are certain crimes, such as stalking, that can be sentenced up to 5 years of supervised probation.