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Years ago all traffic violations were designated as crimes which could subject a convicted offender to jail. Today, most traffic matters are designated as "civil infractions" which impose no jail time if civil fines and costs are timely paid. A list of civil infractions and the amount of fines and costs assessed for each violation is contained in the Schedule of Fines and Costs on this website.

If you receive a ticket, you have three options to respond. You may admit responsibility, deny responsibility and request a hearing, or admit responsibility with an explanation of any mitigating factors you think the Court should take into account.

Your response may be in writing by mail (there is a space on the back of the ticket for you to respond), in person at the traffic division window at the courthouse, or through an attorney. YOUR RESPONSE MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE COURT WITHIN 14 DAYS OF ISSUANCE OF THE TICKET.


For ticket information 24 hours a day, call (989) 831-7421.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I pay my ticket?
A: To find out how much the payment is, look up the offense on your ticket in the Schedule of Fines and Costs on this website. Admit responsibility on the ticket, and make sure that the ticket and the payment are returned to the court in person or by mail within 14 days. Payment may be made by check, cash, credit or debit card, or money order. Checks should be made out to the 64B District Court. Do not send cash by mail. 

Credit or Debit card
Go to and enter pay location code (PLC) 1925 OR call 888-604-7888. Again, you will need the pay location code of 1925 when you call.
Handling fees will be applied. Use your ticket number if you do not have a case number. 

Q: How do I admit responsibility with an explanation?

A: Sign your ticket on the back admitting with an explanation and turn it in with your explanation on a separate sheet of paper within 14 days. The magistrate will read the explanation, and a judgment will be returned by mail.

Q: How do I contest my ticket?
A: You may contest your citation by mail, by coming in person to the court, or by having a lawyer contact the court, all within 14 days of your receipt of the ticket. To contest the ticket by mail, deny responsibility in the space provided on the ticket, and make sure that it is received by the court within 14 days of issuance. You are entitled to an informal hearing in front of the magistrate or a formal hearing in front of the judge. If you do not specifically request a formal hearing, the court will automatically set an informal hearing for you and the issuing officer in front of a magistrate. You will be sent a notice in the mail to appear approximately 10 to 14 days before your hearing date.

Q: What if I don't agree with the magistrate's decision at the informal hearing?
A: You may appeal the decision within seven days of the judgment date by filling out a claim of appeal and posting a cash bond in the amount of the ticket. A formal hearing will be scheduled with the judge.

Q: How do I take care of a defective equipment ticket?
A: Have the equipment repaired, and take your ticket to a police agency for an officer to sign off. Turn the ticket in to the court within 14 days, and fines will be waived.

Q: How many points does a civil infraction put on my license?
A: You may contact the Michigan Department of State Information Center at 888 767-6424 for this information