County Treasurer Property Tax Information

Delinquent Tax Information for Montcalm County 
Due to the fact that delinquent tax notices are printed a few weeks ahead of time, if you receive one, and have paid your taxes in full and received a receipt, please disregard the notice.
Montcalm County Property Tax Information can be viewed by using the link for BS&A tax services.

The current tax bills are sent out from townships, cities, and villages by July 1st and December 1st.
Check with your township, city, or village treasurer for due dates on each to avoid penalty or interest.
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Between July 1st and February 28th, all current taxes are payable to the township, cities, and villages only.
The County Treasurer cannot accept payment on current taxes during that period of time, 
our office deals only with delinquent taxes.
Both the summer and winter bills become “delinquent” on March 1st  and are turned over to the
Montcalm County Treasurer's office.

All personal property taxes and building on leased lands are payable to your township, city, or village.
The Montcalm County Treasurer's office cannot accept payment on personal property tax or building on leased lands.