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Vital Records/Elections Division         Circuit Court Clerk's Office
Administration Building                      Montcalm County Court Complex
2nd Floor                                             639 N. State Street
211 W. Main St., PO Box 368               Stanton, MI  48888
Stanton, MI  48888                             (989) 831-3520 Phone
(989) 831-7339 Phone                        (989) 831-3525 Fax
(989) 831-7474 Fax

Office Hours M-F, 8 am - 4 pm

Inquiries for vital records or elections information can be emailed to  
Inquiries for Circuit Court records can be emailed to

To order a birth certificate DO NOT use any of the links associated with our home page!  These are scams!  Instead use the link on the left entitled Certificates, Licenses and Forms.  You can only obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate from the county clerk in the county in which you were born or the Department of Community Health in Lansing.  Any other service is a scam.  

Elections Results can be found by clicking on the Elections tab.   

Kristen Millard, County Clerk
Stephanie Huested, Chief Deputy County Clerk - Circuit Court Clerk's Office
Kennedy Kohler, Administrative Aide, Vital Records/Elections
Tiffany Herrington, Office Assistant, Vital Records/Elections
Chalice O'Green, Administrative Aide, Circuit Court Clerk's Office
Candy Smith, Office Assistant, Circuit Court Clerk's Office
Arron Gilman, Office Assistant, Circuit Court Clerk's Office


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