Commissions Solid Waste Management Planning Commission

Plans for the management of solid waste within the county and develops a solid waste system. Determines adequate solid waste diversion capacity for five years or greater.

Current Committee Members and the activities that they represent.

  • Matt Biolette, Solid Waste Industry
  • John VanTholen, Solid Waste Industry
  • Roger Rockburn, Solid Waste Industry
  • Solid Waste Industry - Vacant
  • Lonnie Smith, Environmental Interest Group Representative
  • Mark Sabin, Environmental Interest Group Representative
  • Tom Lindeman, County Board of Commissioners Representative
  • Industrial Waste Generator Representative - Vacant
  • Tom Porter, Regional Planning Representative
  • Nancy Mills, Township Government Representative
  • Albert Hackbardt, General Public Representative
  • Shay Gallagher, City Government Representative
  • Kathy Hyrnes, General Public Representative
  • Larry Engel, General Public Representative

The County Solid Waste Management Plan is available as a document at this site. The Solid Waste Management Plan is required by section 11539a of Part 115, Solid Waste Management, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act 1994, PA 451, as amended.

Sam Mrozinski

Resource Recovery Coordinator
(989) 831-3620

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