Public Safety Services Rescue Division

Rescue Division

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MCES has three divisions; Advanced Life Support (ALS), Montcalm Technical Rescue Team (MTRT), and the Rescue Division. The rescue division is made of 10 rescue trucks and paid-on-call employees whose licensure range from Medical First Responder to Paramedic. The rescue trucks are spread out through the county in assigned geographic regions. The employees are dispatched to calls from their home.


Rescue 20                                                    Rescue 21
Lt. Ryan Klackle                                           Lt. Ethan Coe 

Rescue 22                                                    Rescue 23
Lt. Dwight Chandler                                    Lt. Kevin Wheeler

Rescue 24                                                   Rescue 25
Lt. Dwight Chandler                                     Lt. Shawn Walker

Rescue 26                                                   Rescue 27
Lt. Ryan Klackle                                         Lt. Keith Grannis

Rescue 28                                                   Rescue 29
Lt. Donna Schuitema                                  Lt. Keith Grannis

MCES Employment Application
Rescue Attendant Job Description