Public Safety Services Local Emergency Planning Committee
Local Emergency Planning Committee

Gary Valentine-Chair
655 N. State St.
Stanton, MI 48888
Phone: 989 831-3533
FAX: 989 831-7582

Eric Smith
Emergency Management Director
Phone: 989 831-3534

Pursuant to the 1986 SARA Title III legislation, Montcalm County has a Local Emergency Planning Committee appointed by the State Emergency Response Commission. The LEPC is responsible for receiving and filing chemical inventory reports from all of the many sites in Montcalm County that produce, store, transport, handle, or otherwise deal with hazardous materials. In addition, the LEPC is responsible for developing off-site (community) response plans for sites identified as having reportable quantities of extremely hazardous substances (EHS's).

The LEPC is staffed by individuals representing elected officials, emergency management, police, fire, EMS, hospitals, transportation, education, private industry, the American Red Cross, human services and agriculture.

The LEPC meets quarterly, please check the calendar for meeting dates.

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