Community A - L: Trufant History
Trufant History


Two store fronts on Trufant's Main St. in the early 1900's.


St. Thomas Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church built in 1902, one of the churches served by Rev. Ole Amble.

Trufant, in Maple Valley Township, was named after Emory Trufant, who acquired land, which was platted and recorded in 1871. He operated a sawmill and soon after a steam sawmill and shingles and planing mills were operating in the area. Farming was very important to many of the settlers who were from Denmark. They cultivated the land planting their crops among the wood stumps often pulling them out by hand and then by machine. These stumps were later used to fence in their fields. Potatoes were a very successful crop in the area and these were shipped by rail to Greenville.