Community A - L: Tree Fruit


There were 20 farms with 1,050 acres of apples in the Montcalm area in 1997. The value of Michigan’s apple crop was $116.2 million in 1997, ranking the state number three in apple production in the nation. Apple growers produced more than 15 varieties, including Red and Golden Delicious, Jonathon, Northern Spy, McIntosh, Empire, Rome and Ida Red.

Michigan apples are processed in several ways. An important Michigan apple product is pure and natural apple cider. Michigan produces over 50 percent of the nation’s apple slices and is the largest supplier of apple slices used in commercially prepared apple pies. Also, Michigan apples are a main source for applesauce.

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Michigan Apple Committee
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Most peaches are grown in the southwest corner of the state, and we are fortunate to have fresh peaches available from July to late September. In 1997, Michigan produced 61 million pounds of peaches. Montcalm County has several fruit growers producing peaches.

Michigan’s “Red Haven” peaches are famous throughout the country and have become the most widely planted variety in the world. Michigan ranks fourth in the nation in peach production.

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Michigan Peach Sponsors
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