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The topography of Montcalm County is characterized by a number of separate hilly divisions or ridges and a number of associated plains and flat valley areas whose boundaries are fairly well defined. The general elevation ranges from about 800 to 1,000 feet above sea level or approximately 200 to 400 feet above the level of Lake Michigan. The mean sea level elevation ranges from near 1,050 feet in the Stanton and Edmore area to a low of near 775 feet where the Flat River leaves the county near Belding.

County topography is diversified with strongly sloping and choppy areas, gently undulating areas, low swells or ridges, level plains, small areas of swampy soils and numerous streams and lakes.

US Geological Survey Topographic Maps
One of the most widely used of all maps is the topographic map. The feature that most distinguishes topographic maps from other types of maps is the use of contour lines to portray the shape and elevation of the land. Topographic maps render the three-dimensional ups and downs of the terrain on a two-dimensional surface. Topographic maps are available in a number of scales or levels of detail. The most detailed maps are the 7.5 minute quadrangle maps. The 7.5 minutes refers to the fact that each map covers seven and one half minutes of latitude and longitude. Each map has a name based on a town or area contained in the mapped area. All topographic maps must be ordered by name. An Index of all of the topographic maps carried by the Geological Survey Division is available free, upon request. Type B, D, and E maps are only available folded, all others may be ordered rolled or folded, please specify your preference. Maps that are shipped rolled require additional postage and handling. To request a copy of the Topo Map Index, please contact Sharon Baldwin by email at: or telephone at (517) 334-6943.

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