Community A - L: Small Fruit


Montcalm has some blueberry growers and Michigan leads the nation in blueberry production, producing nearly 45 percent of the blueberries eaten in the U.S. In 1997, the state produced 76 million pounds of the small, round berry.

Acidic soil is required to grow blueberries, along with adequate water and cool temperatures. Low growing season temperatures allow a dormant period for blueberry bushes, a climatic factor that promotes higher yields.

Harvest season begins in mid-July and ends in late September. Popular varieties include the Bluecrop, the Elliot and the Jersey.

For more information about Michigan blueberries, contact:

Michigan Blueberry Growers Association
Drawer B, county Road 215
Grand Junction, Michigan 49056
(616) 434-6791


In 1997, an estimated 98,000 hundredweight of strawberries were grown in Michigan, most of which were sold fresh, many picked by consumers at “u-pick” operations around the state. Sales of the delicious fruit were estimated at $7.4 million. Montcalm County presently has several
“u-pick” strawberry farms and at one time had many large commercial strawberry operations. Our strawberry season starts in mid-June and ends in early July.

For more information about Michigan strawberries, contact:

National Strawberry Festival
P.O. Box 767
Belleville, Michigan 48112
(313) 697-3137