Community A - L: Roads
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Early photo of Greenville to Langston Road.     D. Lang's Hotel, Langston about 1854.

Early pioneers of Montcalm County found transportation to be difficult and arduous. Settlers followed old Indian trails through much of the dense forests until tracks and roads were carved out of the wilderness. Not only were the forests dense but often the ground was swampy. One of the most well traveled roads was the one, which ran from Greenville to Langston. This road and others were usually lined with tall pines with gnarled roots rising above the ground making travel often bumpy and uncomfortable. Later corduroy roads were constructed by laying logs side by side over the road surface. Early modes of travel were by horseback or stagecoach. Inns like the inn at Langston were stops along the stage lines. However, beginning in the 1870's these modes of transportation gave way to railroads.