Community A - L: Pioneer Farmers
Pulling stumps near Stanton
Stump fence in Pierson Township
Farming was a part of life beginning with the earliest settler in the county. These pioneers had to clear enough land around their cabins to raise crops to feed their families. More and more settlers came to live and cultivate the land many from Denmark and Germany. Gradually a farmer might acquire some cows and chickens. In later years there were frequent barn raisings where neighbors came to help a farmer build his barn. Flour and gristmills for grinding wheat and corn were built along rivers and streams. 

With the advent of the lumber industry the area was gradually cleared of timber. By the 1880's, the timber industry was waning and the invention of stump pullers made the clearing of land easier. This made it possible to farms larger tracts of land. Many of the stumps were burned while others were used as fences to mark boundary lines and to keep the cattle from wandering.