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Pavilions History

Crystal Lake Pavilion, Crystalpav1
Perhaps because of the preponderance of lakes in Montcalm County, there were many lakeside amusements and entertainments. Amusements might consist of swimming and boat races, boats lighted with Japanese lanterns and performances by a local band. In 1879 at Baldwin Lake, in Greenville, you could drive around the lakeside boulevard for fifteen cents. Later docks, diving platforms and some small parks became extensions of the pavilions. Eventually, dance bands began performing at the pavilions. There might be a local five-member band performing at one place or bigger more well known bands performing at the Crystal Palladium at Crystal Lake in Bloomer Township. Hartt's Resort and the pavilion on Big Whitefish Lake in Pierson Township were other popular amusement places in Montcalm County. The pavilions, many of which were built in the early 1900's, ceased functioning in the 1930's and 40's.
 pav2Baldwin Lake diving platform and small buildings, Greenville.  pav3Baldwin Lake diving platform, Greenville.
 pav4Stevenson Pavilion (later McElroy's) around 1904  pav5Crystal Lake Pavilion - street view.
 pav6Crystal Lake Pavilion (A Prince of a Dance Band, 1934)  pav7Osmun Dancing Pavilion, Baldwin Lake, Greenville