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McBride History

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Brick block fire, McBride.                                                        Neff Block, McBride

McBride was named after Alexander McBride, who purchased a saw mill in Day Township in 1874. The mill, which burned down the following year, was rebuilt and became know a s McBride's Mill. After logging died out the area prospered primarily as an agricultural community particularly after the 1890's when new stump puller machines allowed for easier removal of stumps to clear the ground for cultivation. Over the years the town suffered a series of disastrous fires but it continued to flourish. In 1902 Fred Neff built a huge two story brick building, one block long, which housed apartments, a department store, bank, drug store, hardware store and a number of other businesses. On March 27, 1947 fire broke out in one of the stores and despite efforts by nine local fire departments the entire block was destroyed.