Community A - L: Land Use Laws
Montcalm County land use is regulated by various local and state authorized laws and ordinances. Local zoning regulations are adopted and enforced by townships, villages and cities. State regulations dealing with land use issues are generally administered by the Departments of Agriculture, Environmental Quality and Natural Resources.

Farmland and Open Space Preservation Act
Public Act 116, 1974


  • To slow the conversion of farmland to non-farm use
  • Provide property tax relief to farmland owners because farmers decided that high property taxes were forcing them to sell their land for development

Payments from the State are made in exchange for development rights in the amount of property taxes that exceeded 7 percent of household income.

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Michigan’s Right to Farm Act
The Michigan Right to Farm Act, P.A. 93, was enacted to provide farmers with protection from nuisance lawsuits. Generally Accepted Agricultural and Management Practices, for site selection and odor control for new and expanding livestock production facilities, were added in 2000.

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Land Division Act
Subdivision Control Act of 1967
Land Division Act
Public Act 288, 1967

On January 13, 1996, Governor Engler signed into law P.A. 591 of 1996 thus replacing the Subdivision control Act with the Land Division Act and changing the rules on how land is divided in Michigan effective March 31, 1997. To add to the confusion, 1997 P.A. 87, effective July 28, 1997, amended the recently created Land Division Act.

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Information on County/Township/City and Village Regulations
Refer to Local Government Section of web site and search for your township, city or village for specific information.

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