Community A - L: Geology
The surface deposits of Montcalm County were left by the Wisconsin glacier of the Pleistocene Geologic Age. These deposits consist of unconsolidated, non-stratified clastic sediments deposited directly from the glacier (drift) and unconsolidated stratefied gravels, sands and clays deposited by glacial streams and in glacial lakes (glacial fluvial deposits).

The broader surface features are expressions of geologic formations of glacial age. The more hilly areas, for the most part are moraines; the level plains are underlain by glacial outwash deposits; and the other parts of the level plains of sandy drift, were probably deposited under the ice sheet. This topography is well suited for a diverse agriculture, recreation and forest industry. This topography also makes for a beautiful setting in which to live.

For an explanation of the general geology of Michigan, go to the DEQ Geological survey Division web site.

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