Community A - L: Corn
Montcalm County farmers harvested 48,780 acres of field corn in 2002. The entire state of Michigan harvested 2.25 million acres of corn, which is the state's number one cash crop.

Over half of Michigan corn is shipped out of state - often to other countries. Approximately one third is used here in the state for livestock feed, and the remainder is used for products such as corn meal, oil, syrup, snack foods adn breakfast cereals.

Technological advances have also made possible the production of plastic bags, disposable diapers, packing materials for shipping, and other biodegradable items from corn. Michigan opened it's first ethanol plant, which uses forn to make a fuel on which automobiles can run, in 2002, and additional uses of corn as an affordable alternative energy source are currenlty being researched.

Many fields of sweet corn are grown in Montcalm County. In 2002, Michigan produced 800,000 hundred weight of sweet corn.

For more information about Michigan corn, contact:

Corn Marketing Program of Michigan
Michigan Corn Growers Association
12800 Escanaba Dr., Suite B
DeWitt, MI 48820
Fax (517)-668-2670

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