Community A - L: An Overview
Montcalm County, located in the West Central portion of the state contains 713 square miles with 224,000 acres in farms. Principal crops include corn, potatoes, dry beans, wheat, soybeans, alfalfa, processing vegetables, fruit and Christmas trees.

The county is blessed with deep, sandy loam and loamy sand soils, which are moderately well to well drained on gently sloping topography which are suitable for irrigated agriculture. There are 46,000 acres under irrigation in the county. Water resources are excellent, with most irrigation water coming from wells from 100 to 300 feet deep.

Montcalm farms have a long history involved with specialty crops and are progressive and innovative in their production and marketing of crops, such as potatoes, dry beans, processing vegetables and many have had experience in producing seed corn.

Thirty year weather records for Greenville show the average date for the last freezing temperature in the spring is May 12, while the average date of the first freezing temperature in the fall was September 30. Thus the growing season averaged 140 days annually.

Crop season precipitation, April through September, averaged 19.06 inches for this period.