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Air Tranportation
Gliders being built at Gibson plant, early 1940's.air1

Gibson Plant 1939air2

The twentieth century also ushered in the era of air transportation. Airplanes were heavily used in battles between American and Germans in World War I. With the advent of World War II other types of aircraft were also used. Among them was the CG4A glider, a strut based high wing monoplane used to carry men and equipment. Over 1,000 of these gliders were manufactured at the Gibson Refrigerator Company in Greenville in the early 1940s. Greenville children raised about $72,000 to build several gliders one of which, the 'Flying Falcon', was used during the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

There is now a museum in Greenville depicting the use of the CG4A Glider. The Fighting Falcon Museum