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Dr. Wagner has been appointed the Chief Medical Examiner effective August 6, 2017.

Please scan Death Certificates and send to or fax 231-440-0806.

Cremation Permit Policy as follows:

Montcalm County policy is a $50 permit fee. Fees are to be paid in advance as detailed below.
1. Death Certificates that are to be signed by the PCP…. Cremation Permit Requests
a. Please obtain a PCP signature on the DC
b. Please go to, 1-888- 604-7888, or visit the Clerk's Office to prepay
i. PLC: 1957
ii. Or What would you like to do? (Pay Permits) -- State? (Michigan) -- Agency? (Montcalm
County Treasurer ), Cremation
iii. Case File Number: Not Necessary
iv. Payment Type (Cremation Permits)
v. Notes: Name of Deceased and Date of Death
c. Please fax or scan the (3) Documents (Payment Receipt- DC- Cremation Permit filled out)
to the M.E. office or fax 231-440-0806.
d. Please include your email address and fax number.
e. A cremation permit review will be conducted and requests fulfilled. Our Policy is a 24hr
turnaround period. Please call if you have an extenuating circumstance.

2. Medical Examiner Death Certificates …. Cremation Permit Requests
a. All of the above except you will include a DC for the ME to fill out

Any office questions can be directed through
Phone 231-357-6205
Fax 231-440- 0806
Montcalm Medical Examiner Information