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Map Disclaimer:
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The tax parcel data is compiled from official records, including survey plats and deeds, but only contains the information required for Montcalm County business. Original recorded source documents located in the county courthouse should be used for legal or survey purposes.

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Land Ownership and Planning
Natural Features
Census Information
County Parks Map

Land Ownership and Planning
Always verify for accuracy any ownership information with the Equalization Department.

tn_court3North lawn & County Courthouse in Stanton. Click on this photo to see the quality of the actual aerial photos that are available for Montcalm County. Contact Equalization (989-831-7492) for printouts of your property using these photos. [Click here to view full size picture]

North lawn & County Courthouse in Stanton. Click on this photo to see the quality of the actual aerial photos that are available for Montcalm County. Contact Equalization (989-831-7492) for printouts of your property using these photos.

Aerial Photo Map
Current Taxable Value
Current Property Class
Property Sale Year
Property Sale Price
School Districts
Base Map

Natural Features
The maps on this map group have been compiled from a variety of sources including Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Quality, National Wetlands Inventory and USGS among others.

Landuse (1978)
Landuse (1998)
Wetlands (1978)
Wetlands (1998)
Major Watersheds
Bedrock Geology
Surficial Geology
Pre-settlement Vegetation
State Game Areas
Base Map 
Aerial Photo Map

Census Information
The year 2000 Census data was derived from Michigan's Census 2000 Redistricting Data Summary File (Table PL1) released in March, 2001.

Total People for 1990
Population Density for 1990
Total Housing Units for 1990
Housing Density for 1990
Commute to Work for 1990
Per Capita Income for 1990
Median Housing Value for 1990
% Persons in Poverty for 1990
% No H.S. Diploma for 1990
Total Population for 2000
Population Density for 2000
Number of Households for 2000
People under age 18 for 2000
People 65 and older for 2000
Renter Occupied Households for 2000
Owner Occupied Households for 2000 
Aerial Photo Map

County Parks Map
County Parks Map